Professional Model Photo Shoot at The Plaza Hotel: The Icon of Luxury Travel!

There is no better known icon of Luxury Travel and New York City than the Plaza Hotel located on 5th Avenue. This hotel has been around for over 100 years. Members of Aristocracies, Monarchies, and luxury travelers stay at the Plaza. It is considered the pinnacle event space for New York Society. My husband and I even had our Wedding Reception here!

The recent renovations at the Plaza have been quite the buzz. The historic architecture and classic iconic feel remain. The updated suites have renovations that meet every fantasy of the luxury connoisseur! The renovations include golden fixtures, inviting foyers, luxurious furniture, and decor. The technology updates provide streamlined access and convenience for the business traveler.

I was honored to model for a professional photo shoot inside of one of the Plaza’s updated suites. The Professional photography was by the celebrity photographer, the Late Great Bill Gregorio. I modeled evening gowns by Simone Rodrigues creator of Sisa Designs. Simone has designed for the Oscars, America’s Next Top Model, The Grammys, The Golden Globes, Couture Fashion Week in New York, and more. Several of her gowns that I wore in this photo shoot had recently been worn to the Oscars. See more of her amazing work at

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I always tell moms that it is important to maintain your own sense of identity. You can have well-balanced priorities all without losing yourself. Do embrace personal growth and changes. Your children will appreciate that you maintained your own dreams, pursuits, and interests. I view life and motherhood as a celebration and I enjoy my own triumphs along the journey. As a business woman in New York City, I have received many modeling opportunities in recent years. These include professional modeling photo shoots for numerous high profile designers and photographers. I also walked as a model in another professional Runway Show a few weeks ago. I was cast in two Modeling Runway Shows during Fashion Week February 2018. This is quite an honor, especially as a new mom of a four month old baby and a three year old! You can be a mom and still be feminine, an athlete, a rock star, a driven business woman or all the above. The key to a balanced life as a mom is to be true to yourself. Don’t allow anyone else to define you or tell you what is acceptable for you as a Mom.

Partaking of these unique opportunities enable me to be a good example for my daughters. I want my daughters to grow up to be strong and confident. They should celebrate their individuality and never be in competition with anyone else. I want them to embrace all types of beauty and know that there is no single standard of beauty. Above all, I want their focus to be on the greatest kind of beauty, which is inner beauty. True Beauty is demonstrated by treating others as we would want to be treated. Everything else is icing on the cake!

Thank you again to the Plaza, Simone Rodrigues of Sisa Designs, and the Late Great Bill Gregorio. I truly appreciated this opportunity. Bill Gregorio, you will be greatly missed. Your talent lives on through your amazing photography.


Plaza preview 4
Model: Amber Creighton Photographer: Bill Gregorio Gown By: Sisa Designs Location: The Plaza Hotel


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