Barbados IS for Kids!


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We recently took a trip to Barbados with our seven month old and our three year old daughters. Barbados is among the top Beach destinations for travel with kids. This Caribbean island is picturesque with pristine beaches surrounded by warm waters. The culture of Barbados is welcoming of children. It’s also very safe to drive or walk everywhere.

We stayed at the Accra Hotel, The staff were amazing. The Accra hotel is on Accra Beach and provides private deck chairs to its guests. Accra is a long, wide, sandy beach that leads to shallow crystal clear waters over a shelf like sandy floor. There is an all-inclusive package option for unlimited meals, drinks, and excursions. We selected the accommodation only option. We prefer to spend our days out exploring other areas of this beautiful island.

Barbados is an island with many points of interests. Yet, not so many that you must be on the move with your children. I recommend the Barbados Wildlife Reserve, Small, friendly Green Monkeys play outside the entrance! These adorable creatures are a fantastic way to let children interact with nature. Inside of the Wildlife Reserve, visitors walk through wooded trails with the animals. Many docile animals, such as miniature deer, peacocks, and tortoises roam without fences. There are also enclosed spaces with exotic birds and reptiles. It feels like a jungle safari that little ones can enjoy on foot.

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The Geology of Barbados has created many beautiful features. Harrison Cave is a must see of natural wonder. The tram ride through Harrisons Cave is an amazing and relaxing experience. The Cave of Flowers and Animals is a lovely walk through cave with a view of the sea and tidal pools. The cavern opens onto an open natural pool.

Our family of four in Harrison’s Cave Barbados!

There are also several well preserved historical plantations on the Island. These have stunning architecture and are educational for children as well. The plantations offer complimentary rum tastings for adults.


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Family fun on the Caribbean Sea in the gentle waters off the coast of Barbados is a must! Through our hotel, we booked the hour and a half glass bottom boat ride aboard the Tranquility, The length of time was perfect for our baby and three year old. They also included two snorkeling stops. The first was swimming with wild sea turtles! The turtles swam right up to the snorkelers. Several came up for air a few inches from my face! The second stop was snorkeling in Carlisle Bay. Carlisle Bay has many well preserved shipwrecks. We snorkeled over a shipwreck where my three year old got to feed bright, colorful tropical fish! The boat crew of the Tranquility were amazing with the kids. They take children out on the water all the time. They fitted our three year old with the correct life jacket, life preserver, and goggles. The guide was very calm and attentive. He stayed right with the kids that he took out on the calm waters. I was able to snorkel nearby without any concerns. The experience was memorable, fun and stress free our daughter and her parents alike. She still talks about it! I can’t praise the crew of The Tranquility enough based on our experience.

The culture and people of Barbados are beautiful. We enjoyed the local, non-touristy fishing and farming villages the best. The varied mix of architecture of Bridgetown is definitely worth a view. Speaking of local flavor, enjoy a brilliant dinner at the Oistins Friday Night Fish Fry! It offers incredible fresh fish and lobsters for very reasonable local prices. The food in general in Barbados is excellent, healthy and very reasonable. The local fare consists of Fresh fish or chicken with salad, rice, beans, and plantains. Barbados also offers many international food options, including pizza. This makes feeding young children much easier.

Barbados in an excellent destination for families. The beaches, the wonderful residents, and the diversity of activities are a few of the reasons. My number one travel tip to make both the flight and the destination enjoyable is to stay calm. Don’t over react to surprise situations. You never know what will happen when you travel… from unexpected turbulence to that friendly sea turtle that pops up in front of your face. This may sound simple, but I see so many parents on flights that over react or worry about what others think. Children react to your energy. Relax, enjoy, and go with the flow.


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