The Travelling Fit Mommy

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My name is Amber Creighton and I have always loved travelling. My first trip abroad was at age seventeen as a volunteer to help Romanian Orphans. I next lived abroad for four years in Europe, The Middle East, the United Kingdom and Asia. I studied and conducted archaeology while living in Europe and the Middle East. In Hong Kong, I taught advanced mathematics, college preparation, as well as English. During this time, I also earned my Master’s degree from the University of Cambridge.

I had assumed that my travels would end or at least decrease once I had children. In reality, this is not the case at all. We actually travel with our children all over the world. Some recent family adventures include New Zealand, Japan, Europe, the Caribbean and beyond. I wanted to start a travel blog to empower current Moms and encourage perspective Moms. If you love travel and adventures, your children will, too!

Our journey together will focus on helpful advice while travelling with young children. I will use real life examples, from my current and upcoming travels, to illustrate what worked for us. I also want to share fun ways to keep fit while creating unforgettable memories with the children.

I have multiple travel publications including at  I have worked as a TV host and Producer, international journalist, and model.  I am also a certified Advanced Scuba Diver, and of course an avid international traveler.