Announcing My New Workout Clothing Line for Active Moms!

My new workout clothing line for active Moms!
My new workout clothing line for active Moms! Flex uR Strong, Amber Creighton Selection!
I am very excited to announce my new workout clothing line!!!  My line features the latest trends in athletic wear that actually WORK FOR active Moms.  We have Mommy and Me workout gear as well. My comfortable line is great for travelling, too!  We will be regularly adding new styles to the website
Feel free to e-mail me style requests and ideas.
I am honored to be the face of this new line specifically designed for active Moms.  I am an active Mom with two lovely children, which keep me very busy all by themselves. Yet, I have learned that it is important to take time out for self-care each day. Taking time for your health isn’t selfish and it will make you a better, more relaxed mom. Most children sense and respond to your energy and it’s important to be a good example for them. Who says we can’t create precious memories with our little ones while staying active? I love Mommy and Baby Yoga. This is a great way to bond with baby while stretching out those sore muscles.
I am a huge proponent of staying active throughout pregnancy, recovery, and beyond. Personal experience has taught me that the fastest road to recovery is to reshape the body. An effective combination for me is interval training, aerobic exercise, and strength training. Be patient and kind to yourself. Full Recovery from pregnancy takes at least nine months to up to two years. Always consult with your physician before starting a new exercise routine.
Consistency is key. A consistent, healthy exercise routine will transform your body from month to month. This is especially true after having a baby because your body does want to bounce back to its pre-baby form. Your baby changes noticeably each month and your body does, too. Enjoy and capture these precious moments together. After all, you and your baby are travel buddies on this journey to recovery and discovery!
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